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What is coated denim
2021-09-24 14:09:03xinlan

Denim manufacturers will show you different denim fabrics.


Coated denim refers to a product that is uniformly coated with a polymer compound that can form a film on the surface of the denim to change the appearance, style, or give various functions to the fabric, thereby increasing the added value of the product.


According to its special function classification, style coatings such as old, filmy, waxy, papery, etc.; special functional coatings such as water pressure resistance, waterproof and moisture permeability, UV resistance, flame retardant, etc.

The special effects of transparent glue coating, color glue coating and gold and silver powder coating of denim fabric are matched with different washing processes such as general washing, rinsing, fermentation washing and fermentation grinding, etc. After finishing, the denim fabric has rich color levels and becomes The fabrics that are the first choice for fashion in the home textile industry and clothing industry can also inspire the creative inspiration of denim designers.

Coating method

Transparent plastic coating of denim

There are mainly water-based transparent coating adhesives, mainly water-based PA and water-based PU, which have good film-forming ductility, making the original color of denim more three-dimensional.

Color glue coating of denim

For denim color glue coating, it is necessary to add paint to the above transparent glue. The paint is required to have stable color and light, complete chromatogram, good brightness and fastness, and uniform particles. The fineness should be 1-2μm in diameter, which is good with transparent glue. Compatibility, and no harm to the human body.

Denim manufacturers

The glitter coating of denim (gold powder, silver powder and other glitter)

With the development of high and new technology, new materials emerge in an endless stream, making it possible to organically combine new technologies and new materials in denim clothing. The bright powder coating (gold powder, silver powder and other bright powder) technology of denim developed by our company makes denim clothing not only in novel styles and fashionable colors, but also produces unpredictable strange or distinctive fresh effects. .

market expectation

In today's world, "fashion" and "individualization" have become lingua franca in various fields, and coated denim will also be more personalized. New coating technology and different washing processes will make the style more prominent and have a promising market prospect.

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